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Painting the World, One Kid at a Time
Painting the world is an organization founded in 2016 by Luis Leon. This organization is dedicated to the growth of paintball, helping others, spreading the word about our sport, and bringing in the next generation of players.
The Beginnings: Luis Leon founder and CEO started PTW in February of 2016. Mr. Luis Leon went to his local field and spoke to some of the children that were there that day. He met a kid, a kid with a desire to play but his family couldn’t afford to buy him gear or to take him to the field constantly. That night Leon went home and look thru his Facebook list of friends and asked for help. The first person to help him, Michael Bane with Rotten Kids, sent a few markers and hoppers as a donation. When Leon saw that the Paintball community was willing to help he officially started what is known today as Painting the World, One Kid at a Time. He launched a Painting the World, One Kid at a Time Facebook page on March 11, 2016 and by …

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